Day four, Kogasa is the only one I can associate with rain because of one damn remix and I can’t dissociate it so now all the westerners get to send me hate mail also Kyouko Kasodani is just dog Tewi

May 1, 2019

Only Entry, 20:09JST

Not much today. Broke the machine at my ramen shop, so I can’t go there anymore. Went to Ueno park and into the art museum. Saw the Kilim exhibit (Venice Japan) and I gotta say, that man is a VERY stand up guy. His stance on progression and his depictions of women of all ages in their fullest (not just eye candy) and even the detail he put into the men really struck it in the right spot with me.

Ueno Park, as depicted from a rock

Chatted with Twintail about Captain Marvel, got eyed by some police because of my toolkit I carry, then headed over to Taito Station. Saw a few names i recognized playing, then once I played I bombed hard. I just need to stop this whole “I’m a foreigner I can play this game right but I won’t bash the controls” thing and bash the controls. Only one person has given me crap about it and honestly, I don’t care anymore.

Tried to use the bathroom. Someone was in the toilet and didn’t lock it because it doesn’t have an interior handle. Which I managed to lock with mt toolkit before starting to use the bathroom, then once I heard them had to cut everything off, speed unlock the door and bail before they saw me. Immediately went back to my hotel ti use the bathroom after that.

Managed to talk to the lady in Lawson next to my hotel. She was very understanding and had a nice smile. I was a little bit more confident in speaking Japanese with her.

I got this. It had hidden meat layers. I didn’t get a pic of the fish fillet because I annihilated that.

My hotel also has a foot bath for soaking. To which I ended up trying to kill my foot with.

Not even a gamer girl and I'm giving y'all free foot pics

Roasty toasty gamer gril feet

Went back inside, tried another peach drink (sucked), showered and now I’m finishing the day by typing this.

Tomorrow, I avoid the Americans that just flooded the hotel by speaking only in Russian or German.


Day three, Which Touhou was it that’s the youkai of rain again?

April 30, 2019

Entry one, 05:26JST

Weather says rain. Food I want is up north. No umbrella. Time to melt I guess.

End of entry one.

Entry two, 9:55JST

Showered, forgot my soda, on the way to Akihablahblah.

End of entry two

Entry three, 12:55JST

Ate at the good GoGo’s, went to Taito Station, went to Akiba Hobby for Touhou stuff, went to AmiAmi, sitting around seeing if anyone’s around because honestly I can’t figure out what to do except play arcades or go buy stuff. I’m trying to avoid maid cafes because of awkward foreigner not speaking the language. Dunno what I’ll do for a month lmao

End of entry three

Entry four, 14:50JST

Paid too much to win Sakura edition Miku, but was redeemed when I spend $2 to win a Hibiki Tachibana plush. First one drew a crowd, the other I got called a cheater. Pulled more pins for $1 each and felt more like such. Ended up leaving. I now sit in Ueno station train and pigeon watching debating what to do.

End of entry four.

Entry five, 23:09JST

Went home, watched the emperor step down, showered, ended up going to the sky tree for a light show, went back to hotel.

The sheer size of this lad is barely comprehensible. Absolute unit.

End of entry five. This is probably the last one before I publish, so I’m just gonna go ahead and do that since I’m going to sleep as soon as I get back. I doubt anything interesting will happen.


Day two, Comic1

April 29, 2019

Entry one, 02:42JST

I don’t have many plans today aside from eat. If I go back to Akiba I’m going to spend more money and I need that for Reitaisai. Not sure what my plan overall is yet. That’s kind of mt problem with the whole month in Japan thing. I don’t actually know what I’m doing yet. Head doesn’t hurt after sleeping for some 10 hours. I think I just need the rest to drop my blood pressure.

End of entry one.

Entry two, 08:36JST

Been awake for three hours. Can’t sleep anymore. Debating what to eat, about to shower. Gonna post to Twitter and see if I can fish for anyone that wants to do anything, or for ideas of where to go solo.

End of entry two.

Entry three, 11:15JST

Showered, remoted to my computer at home for a bit, then broke away to go to Big Sight. Got food at my usual ramen shop. Discovered Peach Coca Cola.

Making my way to Big Sight to meet Kuralulu.

End of entry three.

Entry four, 16:06JST

Went to Comic1. I had no idea this was a thing. Mostly dominated by Fate and militaria girls. Saw a few artists I recognized but didn’t stop, since I’ll see them at RTS.

Met up with the guy that let me ride his Motocompo in Ooarai. I apparently faired better than someone else, who wrecked one and had to replace the cowling. Apparently there’s. Market for those and are kept alive by some people that have made their own molds for FRP. Thought that was cool. I also made a pickup for Rune Devros from a specific table. I hope the items don’t get damaged before I get back home. My backpack is small, so they may already be so.

We ended up going to get food at Coco’s. It was around then I saw I had missed Suiko. We went back and forth a bit, then food arrived. I got some filled hamburger, as shown.

Kuralulu and I are talking about renting a car for the 10th. There’s some car meet happening and it’d be hilarious to roll up in an FD, JZA80 or R32/34. Omoren is from who.

Made it back to my hotel, offloaded and unwinding a bit before thinking about heading back out. Not sure what my plan is yet.

End of entry four.

Entry five, 05:23JST

Crashed for 10 hours again. At least my head isn’t hurting anymore. Sending post.


Day one, Reitaisai Book

April 28, 2019

Entry one, 05:00JST

No, go back to sleep damnit.

Entry two, 09:31JST

Woke up, showered, got a hat for my head because last time I was here, I had hair to hide sweat and it was colder. Went to my usual ramen shop and got this for $6 (in usd ofc)

Made my way to Akiba after forgetting how to trains. Niiso should be here around 11, so I got time for pics. Sega opens at 10, may head there.

End of entry two.

Entry three, 02:28JST

Whoops I just slept for like 9 hours. Missed my deadline.

I ended up hitting every Sega but found that none of them have groove coaster anymore. I found Taito Station and figured it HAD to be in there. Sure enough it was. I managed to get a single play out before I had to bail and go meet Niiso again.

We met up and I was taken to a shop to buy a book for Reitaisai. We then proceeded to hit multiple shops and ate at a relatively nice place. I got to eat my first raw egg in a small plate of curry.

We hit a few more shops, I spent more than my weekly allowance and then had to go pick up some aspirin. My head has been hurting for the past three weeks. Its had me worried because I had my blood pressure checked recently and at rest, it’s extremely high. I need to get looked at when I get back to the States, but lol American healthcare.

We parted ways while he went to go look for some MTG cards. I walked back to my hotel and just crashed a little after arriving. I’m kind of awake but might go back to sleep, as it’s too early in the morning for anything except Don Quixote.


Day Zero, The Flight

April 27, 2019

First entry, 23:44PST/15:44JST

Woke up, did some final packing, caught a ride with Patches and Steiner to the airport (but first currency exchange for me). Pulled some money so I would be able to actually buy on landing.

After running into Steiner like four times before he realized his plane was boarding, I finally got to board my plane. Japan Airlines, JL0067.

Got on, was fed, watched John Wick 2 (good movie, dog doesn’t get killed), played on my phone a bit, passed out at some point, woke up an hour before meal 2, then sat and waited for landing.

I am tired of this sun. We’ve literally been chasing it since take off. 10 hours, its been in mostly the same position the whole time. The literal longest day I’ve ever had.

Niiso said he would meet me at Narita, but i don’t know if he knows how long customs will take. I hope it’s quicker than last time, but Golden Week.

I may not have internet for a while, as I don’t have a pocket wifi yet, nor do I know if my phone is fully compatible with the networks. I had a Nexus 5X last time I was here. The phone i have is the older sibling that refuses to die; the Nexus 5. Will continue writing until I get internet access.

Until I land, this is end of entry one. I’ll write about each day then post it before sleeping, but separate by entries per post.

Second entry, 22:25JST

Once I landed, I got situated through quarantine, immigration and customs. No issues except my plane didn’t give me my papers to fill out, so I had to scramble to find some. I eventually did at the cost of looking like a fool. They have them in 5 different places, and the customs declaration forms are AFTER the immigration part. Note that for future reference.

I had to rent a wifi on the spot so I could communicate with Niiso. I was an hour late because of customs and had to immediately find him. If you read this, I’m sorry my dude.

He ended up taking me down the blue line to Shimbashi, and after a few seat switching shenanigans, we arrived. I told him I usually walk to my hotel from Shimbashi, so we went about.

It never occurred to me how fat I am until I saw him visibly shivering in 50 degree weather. I was only wearing a tee-shirt at the time, so it suddenly hit me that damn, i should lose weight. Maybe my trip here will help kickstart that.

I checked into the hotel and fought with my card. I had never set a pin on it, but a single guess was all it took. I dropped my stuff off and went out to eat with Niiso.We got some bowls (I think mine was Tuna?), some damn nice karaage chicken and some fried what I assume is cucumber. He wouldn’t let me pay, even after threat of fighting him. I’ll get him one day.

He then took me to Don Quixote. Holy crap. Patches I’m taking you to Don Quixote before I leave. Period. You will be pissed.

He then walked me to the hotel again, where we parted ways. I switched to slippers and took my first poop in Japan. I miss these toilets so much. That’s where I sit right now while writing this 2nd entry. My wifi dongle is upstairs, so I can’t post this just yet. I’m gonna go take a shower and enjoy my peach strong zero in the shower. Shower beer in Japan. Hell yes.

End of second entry. Have a shower beer.Final entry for day zero, 23:35JST

Shower beer was a mistake. Jack Diagonals with Niiso and then strong zero (sucks by the way) was a baaaaaad move on my part.

Ate my jelly things I got at Don Quixote, had some royal milk tea (bless), and now I’m in bed. Alarm set for 8:20JST.

OTE out.