I guess

September 16, 2016

I’m a bird
I can change
If I have to
…I guess.



August 29, 2016

So I moved to Washington.


Idiot or Good?

March 25, 2016
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I drove from Irving, TX to Federal Way, WA in 36 hours.

Nonstop except gas and Wendy’s once (30 minutes).

2077+ miles because I took some convoluted route that Gas Buddy insisted would save me $15.

In that span of time I learned several things;


  1. I will never do that again.
  2. I realize my love of sleep.
  3. I realize my love of food.
  4. Passage of time literally doesn’t exist past 5 hours.
  5. The mountains are gorgeous.
  6. High altitudes on nonturbo cars utterly sucks.
  7. Fuck Utah.
  8. Fuck Minivans.
  9. I had a reenactment of “The Hills have Eyes” when I took a wrong turn.
  10. Febreeze doesn’t handle crotch sweat in car seats.  At all.
  11. Vibration from an NA can cause rusty areas to separate.

Emphasis on that last one: my car is rusty.  This much is known.  There’s been an exhaust leak I’ve been trying to chase down since I got the car.  After this chase incident with a mountain pass in Idaho and said minivan, I found a small town to get gas in.  Turns out both places were closed, but when I pulled into the 2nd one, I was dropped a huge problem.

The speeding through the passatt 4-6k rpm had caused a lot of vibration from the exhaust sound resonance. This caused a rusted area around the weld of the catalytic converter to work itself free during the run.

When I pulled into the station, the chassis flexed enough to finish the job. The catalytic converter separated from its weld and the entire midpipe was now hanging.  I was dumping straight from the header to the atmosphere.

This happened 6 hours away from my destination.

Wouldn’t have been a problem, except my car isn’t registered to me still and my Talon’s plates are on it.  On top of I don’t have a physical copy of my current insurance.

Made it though.

Have a mountain.



tl;dr: 34 hour drive nonstop, car is solidly reliable and lost parts.


New Costume started

January 11, 2016

On top of finishing Miko and Utsuho, I’m going to be cosplaying Asriel Dreemurr for A-Kon this year (2016).  I’m completely enclosing the head, so I won’t be able to see out of it normally. I’m running a Raspberry Pi with a camera and a display to be able to see outside of the head.  Don’t ask me why, I just really want to for a few reasons.

  1. Ability to record at all times
  2. Backup camera in back of head.
  3. I can use my wireless keyboard and gyro mouse to still access things like twitter and whatnot
  4. Street cred.
  5. Use for the Pi afterward

I’m currently trying to figure out how to split and clone VLC upon reboot via command line, but there’s a chance I may just leave the display alone as a single screen instead of splitting between eyes a.la Google Cardboard’s method.  If anyone has extensive experience with VLC in command line, I’d like to talk to you.  You can get a hold of me through Twitter or via IRC @ irc://irc.esper.net:6667 as either Hatate (Hatate|NoSignal if I’m not around) or OkuuTheEngineer.  Twitter’s easiest of course.



December 29, 2015

I really need to do my writeup on Touhoucon, but it really seems pointless now that they’re more or less going the way of the Dodo.