Day eight, Reitaisai

May 6, 2019

I WOKE UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE. Was out the door by 7:45. I loaded up my backpack’s water bladder with a 1.5L of Calpis, then jumped on Yurikamome to Big Sight. I had bought a book the day before for Aoba, and we were gonna meet at Reitaisai so I could deliver it. He messaged me on the train saying he was gonna be late, so I went ahead with hopping in line straight from the train.

We meet again…for like the third or fourth time.

I managed to get in line 1 (which ended up being line 2 but line 1 was a quarter of the size to the left) at the back of it, and sat down until around 10:30. Someone next to me tried talking with me, but because I’ve slipped on lessons, it was a confused state of “Oh no I’m not that person sorry”. We figured it out eventually.

Front and center

Around 10:15, we got up to move to the front door, but were only queued up to go inside. Aoba got to queue up, but was at the very back on the line. I kept egging him on to come get his book and that the line wasn’t moving yet, but we did the clap for opening and a few minutes later we started moving. He didn’t start clapping until after we moved due to how far back he was and it took a while for the clap to travel.

I got inside and it was madness again. Yes, you need a book to enter. All you do is hold it up as you pass through the doors. If you don’t, they WILL intercept you. Watched one guy get yanked out before he was able to produce a book. I found out if you don’t have a book beforehand, they sell them at the door, but that means it takes a bit longer to get inside. No idea on the time frame for that.

Natural blur for that authentic Japanese censorship.

It is really hard to describe what these events are like. You shuffle because you have no room to move your legs, people will push by or through, or cut you off while you’re waiting. You have to be somewhat assertive with where you’re trying to go, but not a jackass with what you’re trying to get through. It’s definitely something that’ll cause people with anxiety to bounce off the rev limiter with overstim, even on meds. I fortunately don’t have that issue, but I know a lot of people that do.

I managed to buy a handful of things before Aoba showed up inside and I was able to get him his book so we could enter. I followed him around to the places he wanted to go, then we eventually made our way upstairs. We both bought Ran hats (I’ll post this at some point) and some other things before making our way outside. Saw these and had to.

We walked around outside and saw a bunch of cosplayers, as well as a bunch of Kigs. I eventually stumbled across these two outside of where the other kigs were and got a pic of them

Aoba and I eventually left Reitaisai a little earlier because he wanted to see about getting a room where I was at, and I wanted to shower before going to meet with the cult of Ran (as a discord group and I call them). I had been invited a few weeks prior by Unkman (of said Ran group). Aoba and I ran across a vending machine that vends dashi, but uh…

Absolutely no one:
Japan: Fish in a bottle

We got back to the hotel a bit too early, so the shower (and check ins) weren’t accessible yet. We sat around in the lobby area for a while before 4 rolled around. I ended up not showering and we both headed to Akihabara (where I was supposed to meet them).

5 rolled around and I didn’t see any of them, so I went inside where we were meeting to see if I could find them or if I missed something. Turns out they were going there at 5:30 and I was supposed to meet them at 5 in Akiba station. Oops. Got it all ironed out and I met with them, then we traversed to Gyuukaku, a yakiniku grill. We had a reservation for 90 minutes there, but it was all you can eat for such time. I ended up drinking with them, and man I should do that more. Really helps unwind.

What ended up happening was Unk, Warosu and I got 1L beers and had a big ol’ toast with the rest of the guys. We eventually descended into cultural exchange of bad words, meme sharing across the language barrier (Taiwan No. 1!) and arm wrestling with Unk over Kagerou smelling like a wet dog. It was a hell of a time and I love them all. Warosu was especially great, as he was acting as my translator for them. It really made me become more determined to keep on my Japanese lessons and consider becoming a proper Japanese speaking translator. Warosu also gifted me this, which I absolutely adore.


This is a huge throwback to 2011 when I used to drive a Jeep. The common theme was, of course, “Jeep don’t care”. I honestly couldn’t believe someone on the opposite side of the world not only understood it, but actually found and dug that phase of my being up 8 years after the fact. It really made me sit and ponder if I’ve ever been enough of a friend with someone to have done the same thing. It makes me really reanalyze what it means to be a friend. I’ve been a terrible friend, and I need to be much better if I’m to be a good one in the future.

We all eventually broke up and went our separate ways, popping tweets at each other over the course of a few more hours before finally passing out.

The majority of the Ran cult all followed me on twitter. I need to make effort to not shitpost nearly as much now. I love them and would be devastated if they unfollow me for my crap.


Day seven, Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Trains

May 4, 2019

Upon editing, I realize how much different the phone app vs the actual site interface is, and I need to use the web interface for updating more than the phone version.

Went back north (I’m in Ginza) to the weeb trap they call Akihabara. Ate some curry again (CoCo’s). Ended up going over to Nakano Broadway. That was an experience. Lots of shops with some slightly over stuff, but ultimately wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. I would recommend going there over Akihabara just based on pricing alone.

I then ended up station hopping.


We don’t have anything close to this that I’ve been to in America. Our regulations won’t allow such things, but here in Japan? This was a treat to just…sit at the stations for an hour or so, then move to the next station or jump two stations over.

Rain threatened me, so I had to head back. I plan on doing this again soon.

I don’t recall doing anything else this day except prepping for Reitaisai the next day. I went to bed early to make sure I got there in time.


Day six, three days late

May 3, 2019

Walked around a lot, forgot what I actually did. Didn’t do anything noteworthy as far as I remember.

This post is ACTUALLY 3 days late, but I’m marking it as the day it should’ve been posted so I can keep track.



Day five, latepost

May 2, 2019

Showered ate took some pics came back ate again slept.

Didn’t do anything.


Day four addendum

May 1, 2019