02 Forester SF6 STi Project

The honeymoon night with Boxbox

Back in 2015, I was looking for a new car. I no longer wanted to deal with the G35’s issues and I had been wanting a Forester for a long time. I ended up finding one that fit all my criteria:

  • Manual
  • Phase 2
  • Platinum Silver Metallic
  • Under $2000

Unfortunately for me, my wide area search planted the car square in the middle of nothing, Ohio. In December.

I bought a plane ticket and flew there days later after contacting the guy. My uber driver got the full story and she opted to stick around in case I didn’t buy the car. I briefly inspected it, was told “That’s the worst of the rust up there” when I looked under it, and ended up buying it. Then drove all the way back to Texas. A/C didn’t work, but that was fixable.

I had the car for a year. It took me all around Texas. Once to Houston, once to San Antonio. I then made my big trip from Dallas to Federal Way, Washington, then drove back 2 weeks later. It lasted me all summer, but when I moved to Federal Way, I found out the AC actually worked after reading about the pressure switch for it

December 2016. I jacked the car up to replace the rear brakes since the rear right wheel was locking pretty hard now. Found out the entire undercarriage of the car was swiss cheesed to the point of no return. Car was scrapped after trading the engine for rent with Patches. The engine lives on in his car, but this project is over. It’s now a project he aspires to, which I will live vicariously through.