Not-so-mini Mini hakkero

For my Marisa Kirisame costume, I needed a prop, otherwise I’d just seem like some maid in a witch hat walking around. It’s kind of embarrassing to me if I don’t have some sort of prop to distract from the fact I’m a crossplayer (My jaw really screws it up, I’ll never get to be a decent trap), so I have to go for props that are…well, loud.

This Hakkero in all honesty was a last minute thing. I’ve never actually finished it, but I’m leaving as it is now since I’m retiring it.  So without further adieu…



  • One 55 watt 6600k Apexcone D2S HID kit (Ballast, bulb, connector)
  • One 12v Relay, hooked up in Push On
  • One momentary push button switch (From an arcade claw machine from old job)
  • Approximately one 4’x4′ sheet of wood (I actually don’t remember, this was 4 years ago)
  • One pint wood stain
  • One tube of wood glue (never again)
  • One spool 8ga red wire
  • One spool 8ga black wire
  • One projector lens assembly from ’05 (?) Nissan Altima (Or Maxima)
  • One small latch kit for a trinket box
  • One spool black vinyl tape
  • One camera case large enough to house:
  • One 12Ah 12v battery
  • 6 feet of nylon webbing
  • 5 rolls electrical tape (Colored)
  • One box assorted female spade connector plugs

Added afterward:
One 3 way 12v splitter (For a car)