WHY: The control rod

Prop caught fire.  Accidentally drilled through battery and hit the charge plates.  Nothing salvageable.


So for my possibly 2nd to last crossplay, I’m going as a pretty well detailed Utsuho (without those god awful wire wings).  The prop I have planned is partially based on the positive response I got for BEING ABLE TO LITERALLY CHARGE PHONES OFF OF MY HAKKERO (See: 3 way splitter added afterward).

Nothing’s been started as of this posting (10/21/2013 [or 21/10/2013 for you weird type]), but I went ahead and created a reference of what I’m making out of cardboard.  The end product won’t have cardboard anywhere in it, just to clarify.

This is the size of the thing I’m making.

ctrlrd_standing ctrlrd_onarm


May 1st, 11:08pm

SO MANY MONTHS LATER.  The wood is 90% cut (I need to cut 2×2 sections to reinforce the dividers and sides) and the brackets for the projectors are fitted.  They need a final cut for the corners before they go on.



More progress has been made on it beyond what’s pictured, I’ll upload later.