Welp, I’m back I suppose

October 20, 2013

Lost all my old posts, but to be fair there wasn’t much on it.

This time will be a lot more active, mostly due to having studied for my CCNA and having huge breakthroughs in life and doing things, such as working for A-Kon’s PR department in the offseason now.

That’s not to say this year hasn’t sucked. Both my great grandmother and Twintail’s grandmother have passed away this year, along with tons of other little things that have just eaten us away. At least she has a new car.

My best friend from Japan sent me his most current 3 mangas just before futaket. He’s an awesome guy, I just wish I could give him something in return. 🙁

Working on a new prop. Retiring my Marisa hakkero after ZUN fondled it over a few times and almost blinded himself with it. Would’ve gotten him to sign it (since he actually asked if he could), but no one had a silver sharpie, and pen won’t show up on the stained wood.

Ah well, maybe in 8 months.

I made this just to show the dimensions of what I’m making, this is in no way shape or form going to be used in the prop itself as it will be made of wood, a metal frame on the inside, and lots more heavy bits: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BW_CBq7CcAALhoN.jpg

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