Day four, Kogasa is the only one I can associate with rain because of one damn remix and I can’t dissociate it so now all the westerners get to send me hate mail also Kyouko Kasodani is just dog Tewi

May 1, 2019

Only Entry, 20:09JST

Not much today. Broke the machine at my ramen shop, so I can’t go there anymore. Went to Ueno park and into the art museum. Saw the Kilim exhibit (Venice Japan) and I gotta say, that man is a VERY stand up guy. His stance on progression and his depictions of women of all ages in their fullest (not just eye candy) and even the detail he put into the men really struck it in the right spot with me.

Ueno Park, as depicted from a rock

Chatted with Twintail about Captain Marvel, got eyed by some police because of my toolkit I carry, then headed over to Taito Station. Saw a few names i recognized playing, then once I played I bombed hard. I just need to stop this whole “I’m a foreigner I can play this game right but I won’t bash the controls” thing and bash the controls. Only one person has given me crap about it and honestly, I don’t care anymore.

Tried to use the bathroom. Someone was in the toilet and didn’t lock it because it doesn’t have an interior handle. Which I managed to lock with mt toolkit before starting to use the bathroom, then once I heard them had to cut everything off, speed unlock the door and bail before they saw me. Immediately went back to my hotel ti use the bathroom after that.

Managed to talk to the lady in Lawson next to my hotel. She was very understanding and had a nice smile. I was a little bit more confident in speaking Japanese with her.

I got this. It had hidden meat layers. I didn’t get a pic of the fish fillet because I annihilated that.

My hotel also has a foot bath for soaking. To which I ended up trying to kill my foot with.

Not even a gamer girl and I'm giving y'all free foot pics

Roasty toasty gamer gril feet

Went back inside, tried another peach drink (sucked), showered and now I’m finishing the day by typing this.

Tomorrow, I avoid the Americans that just flooded the hotel by speaking only in Russian or German.

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