Day three, Which Touhou was it that’s the youkai of rain again?

April 30, 2019

Entry one, 05:26JST

Weather says rain. Food I want is up north. No umbrella. Time to melt I guess.

End of entry one.

Entry two, 9:55JST

Showered, forgot my soda, on the way to Akihablahblah.

End of entry two

Entry three, 12:55JST

Ate at the good GoGo’s, went to Taito Station, went to Akiba Hobby for Touhou stuff, went to AmiAmi, sitting around seeing if anyone’s around because honestly I can’t figure out what to do except play arcades or go buy stuff. I’m trying to avoid maid cafes because of awkward foreigner not speaking the language. Dunno what I’ll do for a month lmao

End of entry three

Entry four, 14:50JST

Paid too much to win Sakura edition Miku, but was redeemed when I spend $2 to win a Hibiki Tachibana plush. First one drew a crowd, the other I got called a cheater. Pulled more pins for $1 each and felt more like such. Ended up leaving. I now sit in Ueno station train and pigeon watching debating what to do.

End of entry four.

Entry five, 23:09JST

Went home, watched the emperor step down, showered, ended up going to the sky tree for a light show, went back to hotel.

The sheer size of this lad is barely comprehensible. Absolute unit.

End of entry five. This is probably the last one before I publish, so I’m just gonna go ahead and do that since I’m going to sleep as soon as I get back. I doubt anything interesting will happen.

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