Day two, Comic1

April 29, 2019

Entry one, 02:42JST

I don’t have many plans today aside from eat. If I go back to Akiba I’m going to spend more money and I need that for Reitaisai. Not sure what my plan overall is yet. That’s kind of mt problem with the whole month in Japan thing. I don’t actually know what I’m doing yet. Head doesn’t hurt after sleeping for some 10 hours. I think I just need the rest to drop my blood pressure.

End of entry one.

Entry two, 08:36JST

Been awake for three hours. Can’t sleep anymore. Debating what to eat, about to shower. Gonna post to Twitter and see if I can fish for anyone that wants to do anything, or for ideas of where to go solo.

End of entry two.

Entry three, 11:15JST

Showered, remoted to my computer at home for a bit, then broke away to go to Big Sight. Got food at my usual ramen shop. Discovered Peach Coca Cola.

Making my way to Big Sight to meet Kuralulu.

End of entry three.

Entry four, 16:06JST

Went to Comic1. I had no idea this was a thing. Mostly dominated by Fate and militaria girls. Saw a few artists I recognized but didn’t stop, since I’ll see them at RTS.

Met up with the guy that let me ride his Motocompo in Ooarai. I apparently faired better than someone else, who wrecked one and had to replace the cowling. Apparently there’s. Market for those and are kept alive by some people that have made their own molds for FRP. Thought that was cool. I also made a pickup for Rune Devros from a specific table. I hope the items don’t get damaged before I get back home. My backpack is small, so they may already be so.

We ended up going to get food at Coco’s. It was around then I saw I had missed Suiko. We went back and forth a bit, then food arrived. I got some filled hamburger, as shown.

Kuralulu and I are talking about renting a car for the 10th. There’s some car meet happening and it’d be hilarious to roll up in an FD, JZA80 or R32/34. Omoren is from who.

Made it back to my hotel, offloaded and unwinding a bit before thinking about heading back out. Not sure what my plan is yet.

End of entry four.

Entry five, 05:23JST

Crashed for 10 hours again. At least my head isn’t hurting anymore. Sending post.

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