Day one, Reitaisai Book

April 28, 2019

Entry one, 05:00JST

No, go back to sleep damnit.

Entry two, 09:31JST

Woke up, showered, got a hat for my head because last time I was here, I had hair to hide sweat and it was colder. Went to my usual ramen shop and got this for $6 (in usd ofc)

Made my way to Akiba after forgetting how to trains. Niiso should be here around 11, so I got time for pics. Sega opens at 10, may head there.

End of entry two.

Entry three, 02:28JST

Whoops I just slept for like 9 hours. Missed my deadline.

I ended up hitting every Sega but found that none of them have groove coaster anymore. I found Taito Station and figured it HAD to be in there. Sure enough it was. I managed to get a single play out before I had to bail and go meet Niiso again.

We met up and I was taken to a shop to buy a book for Reitaisai. We then proceeded to hit multiple shops and ate at a relatively nice place. I got to eat my first raw egg in a small plate of curry.

We hit a few more shops, I spent more than my weekly allowance and then had to go pick up some aspirin. My head has been hurting for the past three weeks. Its had me worried because I had my blood pressure checked recently and at rest, it’s extremely high. I need to get looked at when I get back to the States, but lol American healthcare.

We parted ways while he went to go look for some MTG cards. I walked back to my hotel and just crashed a little after arriving. I’m kind of awake but might go back to sleep, as it’s too early in the morning for anything except Don Quixote.

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