Headed back to Texas

May 24, 2017

I neglect this too much and need to actually keep up with things.

I’m flying back to Texas to spend time with my lovely better half Twintail Hellcat. We’re also headed up to Oklahoma so I can go play airsoft with TrivYookey and his buddy (whom I don’t know the name of yet from Japan). Beyond that, I need to put my bike together and prepare it to ship back up to Washington.

My Subaru’s dead, but not in the fact it won’t run or got wrecked.  It has succumbed to the northeast rust.  I can’t put it back on the road, it’ll cost more to fix everything than to just find another…2002 Platinum Silver Metallic Forester Model S w/ cold weather package and an engine with less than 80k on it.

I’m also a referee/admin at my local airsoft field now, which happened in a somewhat hilarious way.  We’re making a ton of changes and some of them are fueled by my LV experience and desire to Build Cool Stuff™.

Sakuracon was a bust until after the con, when friends started showing up and I wasn’t all alone in an incomplete Hatate costume.

Also holy crap PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BattleGrounds.

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