Idiot or Good?

March 25, 2016
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I drove from Irving, TX to Federal Way, WA in 36 hours.

Nonstop except gas and Wendy’s once (30 minutes).

2077+ miles because I took some convoluted route that Gas Buddy insisted would save me $15.

In that span of time I learned several things;


  1. I will never do that again.
  2. I realize my love of sleep.
  3. I realize my love of food.
  4. Passage of time literally doesn’t exist past 5 hours.
  5. The mountains are gorgeous.
  6. High altitudes on nonturbo cars utterly sucks.
  7. Fuck Utah.
  8. Fuck Minivans.
  9. I had a reenactment of “The Hills have Eyes” when I took a wrong turn.
  10. Febreeze doesn’t handle crotch sweat in car seats.  At all.
  11. Vibration from an NA can cause rusty areas to separate.

Emphasis on that last one: my car is rusty.  This much is known.  There’s been an exhaust leak I’ve been trying to chase down since I got the car.  After this chase incident with a mountain pass in Idaho and said minivan, I found a small town to get gas in.  Turns out both places were closed, but when I pulled into the 2nd one, I was dropped a huge problem.

The speeding through the passatt 4-6k rpm had caused a lot of vibration from the exhaust sound resonance. This caused a rusted area around the weld of the catalytic converter to work itself free during the run.

When I pulled into the station, the chassis flexed enough to finish the job. The catalytic converter separated from its weld and the entire midpipe was now hanging.  I was dumping straight from the header to the atmosphere.

This happened 6 hours away from my destination.

Wouldn’t have been a problem, except my car isn’t registered to me still and my Talon’s plates are on it.  On top of I don’t have a physical copy of my current insurance.

Made it though.

Have a mountain.



tl;dr: 34 hour drive nonstop, car is solidly reliable and lost parts.

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