New Costume started

January 11, 2016

On top of finishing Miko and Utsuho, I’m going to be cosplaying Asriel Dreemurr for A-Kon this year (2016).  I’m completely enclosing the head, so I won’t be able to see out of it normally. I’m running a Raspberry Pi with a camera and a display to be able to see outside of the head.  Don’t ask me why, I just really want to for a few reasons.

  1. Ability to record at all times
  2. Backup camera in back of head.
  3. I can use my wireless keyboard and gyro mouse to still access things like twitter and whatnot
  4. Street cred.
  5. Use for the Pi afterward

I’m currently trying to figure out how to split and clone VLC upon reboot via command line, but there’s a chance I may just leave the display alone as a single screen instead of splitting between eyes Google Cardboard’s method.  If anyone has extensive experience with VLC in command line, I’d like to talk to you.  You can get a hold of me through Twitter or via IRC @ irc:// as either Hatate (Hatate|NoSignal if I’m not around) or OkuuTheEngineer.  Twitter’s easiest of course.

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