Biannual upate

October 22, 2015

So I bought one of these.


Did you know Cura is actually a REALLY good program?  Gives you time to print, material, weight…it does all sorts of neat things. I’m a fan of it.

My first task is to build my needed props for Utsuho for A-Kon as well as finish my Toyosatomimi costume that I’ve been rolling propless for 3 years now.  After that, not sure what I’ll do.  Had planned on Hatate, but wakarimasen lol.

Speaking of A-Kon, the northwestern touhou people have all changed from going to Magfest to coming to A-Kon.  I’m gravely worried that they’ll run into the unscrupulous people that’ve slighted me in the past and somehow getting an infection from them.  Oh well, whatever happens happens.  I’m just glad my touhou/REAL con friends are coming to my local con.

I actually had more to this post but I’m having to rewrite it because of a website hiccup.  A router hiccup, actually.

I need to actually do my writeup of Touhoucon that’s been staring at me since I got back from there.  Work has been sucking the energy out of me and its just….argh.

Also I’ve updates my IRL signature to include a scribble at the end that’s actually a ⑥.  Not joking.

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  1. hahaha this didn’t age well.

    More drafts finds

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