Touhoucon 2015: A recap

September 28, 2015

I actually got to go to Touhoucon, and honestly I hadn’t expected to go.  It was just another one of those cons I’d miss out on and see friends happily attending.  In the back of my mind I was sad, but in all honesty I had already accepted I wouldn’t make it.


Reg closing early
Reg reopening after complaints
Guy at Reg saying nicknames are against security policy even though others had nicknames.
Anxiety attack on way to Cali pizza kitchen
Concerts requiring “free” tickets to get in as a form of tracking.
Gaming being mediocre
Good selection of board games
Dealer’s room being exciting but small
Double booking with normies
Photoshoot confusion
Rumors of Dakuj having been seen nearby
Cali food price realized
Weird scheduling
MINAMwhatever who sang bad apple
The others from Yuuhei
Security powertripping
Security REALLY powertripping
Final day
Leg of Scott
Mamizou to LAX
Carl’s JR
Mamizou to LAX part 2: mofumofu boogaloo
Ran Diego

Final thoughts / shout outs to anyone I can remember and who I met (ragathol jamuko runedevros and whoever else I remember)

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  1. Wow. This was sitting in my drafts since 2015.

    I think I was supposed to expand on it, but alas.

    Rest in Peace, Touhoucon. You were the best con I ever attended.

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