Typical day

October 20, 2013

Late by 15 minutes. Don’t even care. The manager That everyone hates is on duty today, which means today will suck until I get off work, thankfully in 2 hours.

Zero plans as of 12:24pm.

First order of business is to fix this gateway issue with my phone and my server. Doesn’t seem to be happy I’m trying to upload a draft…or anything. Thanks windows update. You shafted me before I got back to it.

3pm: Crashed almost as soon as I got home after a quick check of facebook. Debating what to eat, or if I should even eat right now. Slowly going more and more broke, but such is american life with a bad job.

6:22p: Going to In-n-Out. Feel like eating a heart of darkness and a 3×3.

9:44p: Remade the top banner. Spent too much time on it, mostly due to panic since walfas.org is down. Was worried Walfas was going the way of Cirno is a Genius (R.I.P. good buddy, hope life’s treating you well), but turns out that it may just be Dreamhost updating ubuntu servers to 13.10.

About to go play some games with YYK if we ever manage to figure out what the hell he wants to play.

11:58p: 3 bad games, one good game with YYK. The last one was so skewed it was hilarious. He managed to get Riven in ARAM, I got Fiddlesticks, and someone went ham on AP Taric. Holy crap.

With this, I bring this entry to a close. I open the store at 9am and need my sleep. Not sure what these posts’ll do, but here’s some insight to a day where nothing happens like ever.

12:57a: Well this is working out. Thanks internet.

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