Headed back to Texas

May 24, 2017

I neglect this too much and need to actually keep up with things. I’m flying back to Texas to spend time with my lovely better half Twintail Hellcat. We’re also headed up to Oklahoma so I can go play airsoft with TrivYookey and his buddy (whom I don’t know the name of yet from Japan). […]


So this happened.

September 29, 2014

  Not sure if I wanna give it a name or not.  On the fence.  I’m fairly against naming vehicles.


Welp, I’m back I suppose

October 20, 2013

Lost all my old posts, but to be fair there wasn’t much on it. This time will be a lot more active, mostly due to having studied for my CCNA and having huge breakthroughs in life and doing things, such as working for A-Kon’s PR department in the offseason now. That’s not to say this […]