Day eight, Reitaisai

May 6, 2019

I WOKE UP EARLY FOR THIS ONE. Was out the door by 7:45. I loaded up my backpack’s water bladder with a 1.5L of Calpis, then jumped on Yurikamome to Big Sight. I had bought a book the day before for Aoba, and we were gonna meet at Reitaisai so I could deliver it. He […]


Day seven, Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Trains

May 4, 2019

Upon editing, I realize how much different the phone app vs the actual site interface is, and I need to use the web interface for updating more than the phone version. Went back north (I’m in Ginza) to the weeb trap they call Akihabara. Ate some curry again (CoCo’s). Ended up going over to Nakano […]


Day one, Reitaisai Book

April 28, 2019

Entry one, 05:00JST No, go back to sleep damnit. Entry two, 09:31JST Woke up, showered, got a hat for my head because last time I was here, I had hair to hide sweat and it was colder. Went to my usual ramen shop and got this for $6 (in usd ofc) Made my way to […]


Day Zero, The Flight

April 27, 2019

First entry, 23:44PST/15:44JST Woke up, did some final packing, caught a ride with Patches and Steiner to the airport (but first currency exchange for me). Pulled some money so I would be able to actually buy on landing. After running into Steiner like four times before he realized his plane was boarding, I finally got […]


Gonna try to stick to a schedule

April 22, 2019

Since I’m leaving for Japan in a few days, I think I’m gonna try to use my website to actually update on what happens each day. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with that, but hell I’ll try. May as well put this scrap heap to use somehow. Also Sakuracon was okay. […]