Day four, Kogasa is the only one I can associate with rain because of one damn remix and I can’t dissociate it so now all the westerners get to send me hate mail also Kyouko Kasodani is just dog Tewi

May 1, 2019

Only Entry, 20:09JST Not much today. Broke the machine at my ramen shop, so I can’t go there anymore. Went to Ueno park and into the art museum. Saw the Kilim exhibit (Venice Japan) and I gotta say, that man is a VERY stand up guy. His stance on progression and his depictions of women […]


Day one, Reitaisai Book

April 28, 2019

Entry one, 05:00JST No, go back to sleep damnit. Entry two, 09:31JST Woke up, showered, got a hat for my head because last time I was here, I had hair to hide sweat and it was colder. Went to my usual ramen shop and got this for $6 (in usd ofc) Made my way to […]


Day Zero, The Flight

April 27, 2019

First entry, 23:44PST/15:44JST Woke up, did some final packing, caught a ride with Patches and Steiner to the airport (but first currency exchange for me). Pulled some money so I would be able to actually buy on landing. After running into Steiner like four times before he realized his plane was boarding, I finally got […]



March 26, 2019

Hahaha thanks


Something horrible has happened

November 6, 2018

I’m going to be in Texas for a few days. Boss has threatened to fire me if I’m not back by Monday. From my father-in-law’s funeral. So there’s that. Really tired of the shit life is throwing at everyone I know and I lately.