Headed back to Texas

May 24, 2017

I neglect this too much and need to actually keep up with things. I’m flying back to Texas to spend time with my lovely better half Twintail Hellcat. We’re also headed up to Oklahoma so I can go play airsoft with TrivYookey and his buddy (whom I don’t know the name of yet from Japan). […]


Two too many

August 7, 2014

So I picked up 2 computers next to the dumpster about a month ago and I’m only just now getting around to messing with the smaller one.  I’ve decided what I’m going to do with it, and it both brings back good memories and bad memories. In other news, I start school in a couple […]


Typical day

October 20, 2013

Late by 15 minutes. Don’t even care. The manager That everyone hates is on duty today, which means today will suck until I get off work, thankfully in 2 hours. Zero plans as of 12:24pm. First order of business is to fix this gateway issue with my phone and my server. Doesn’t seem to be […]