14 months later

October 13, 2020

How many things have changed since 14 months ago? Too many and not enough.

I’m going back to Texas regardless of anything at this point. Don’t have a say in the matter overall. Started school at the end of august last year but missed this semester because I forgot to renew the FASFA scam. Miata still runs, picked up a 1989 Toyota Hiace Van in March that I’m still chasing overheating issues on. Figured out CentOS and might swap Lorelei2016 (the VM for this website/ScreenConnect) over to it. Other than that, pretty much no changes that I can really remember or talk about.

I think I might purge my current quickbar or just have an archive thing on it.


Japan happened

August 12, 2019

Forgot to update after joining that discord…and for like almost 3 months again.

Trip was good. After trip was suck. Things are almost back in order now.


Day….11? 12?

May 9, 2019

Went to Akiba, couldn’t find a doujin. Ended up getting invited to a JP art server. Peso (Pespeso) ended up using me as an example as to who’s allowed or not (I have no idea how all these artists know me btw) and they recommended me a ramen shop for dinner. Ended up chatting with them for a bit, went home and laying in bed typing this out.


Day ten, BLARG day

May 6, 2019

I have literally done nothing today except eat, laundry, and catch up on blog posting. I’m going to get food one more time from somewhere, then I’m going to sit my ass here and do…nothing. In theory.


Day nine, Kawasaki

May 6, 2019

Woke up with a hangover, showered, etc etc, went with Aoba to Shimbashi and we headed to Kawasaki. The first thing we did was meet the world’s shortest escalator. It was a wild ride.

omg video

We then went to Warehouse. Which if you follow me on twitter…is uh…yeah. It’s based on China’s Walled City, but it’s an ARCADE.

Front door
Back door (Ostensibly better)

We were here for a while, I posted pics while figuring out what to play (and stop sweating), then we moved on to the shrines. We went to Wakamiya Hachimangu…which also brought us to Kanayama Jinja. I won’t post pics from that one, but it’s THE fertility shrine. Go google it or something.

Ended up going to GoGo curry with Aoba, then made our way back to the hotel. He got his stuff, we hugged it out, and he departed back for home. I went to Don Quixote, came back, then went to bed.